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  • The LoggerHead

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  • The Loggerhead Story

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    There are a few animals in the world that are just different than the rest. With its distinctive perch and watchful eye, the Loggerhead Shrike has carved out a niche as a small unassuming passerine with a surprisingly strong predatory instinct backed by a ferocious appetite. The Loggerhead Shrike symbolizes that not everything is as it appears. You could mistake this slight bird as another beautiful seed eating songbird until you saw it in action sweeping from a nearby tree to grab a large dragonfly out of the air, or pouncing on a mouse or vole caught in the open and then impaling it on a long cactus thorn or barbed wire leaving it for leaner days. In adopting the Loggerhead as our namesake we celebrate the resourcefulness and adaptability of this keen bird and we are reminded that there is always more to some things than what meets the eye. And while you enjoy our food and drink do not be afraid to strike up a conversation with a neighbor because everyone has a story, and nobody is defined by how they might appear.


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